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Week 26 winner.

Okay, so only five people voted, which will definitely prompt me to put this comm on hiatus or something until... whatever. Maybe when the third movie comes out, there'll be renewed interest, except that's not until 2007, soooo...

First place:



Oh yeah, and I just realized we're behind on banners... our usual banner maker, wrongly_amused, is caught up with real life so I don't wanna bother her with this (not to mention this comm is dead anyway, so blah), so I'll take care of them. As far as I can tell, the weeks that need banners are:

Week 23: Mary Jane
Week 24: Free-For-All
Week 25: Relationships
Week 26: Free-For-All

Not too bad, only four weeks. Anyway, since I'm not sure if anyone pays attention to this comm anymore, I want you to comment if you want a banner. (See, my logic works so that if you're not paying attention to the comm, you won't even notice if I made a banner for you, so why bother, right?) 'Course, there are only, like, six banners I need to make, max, but still. But, uh, yeah. Oh, and if there was a week not mentioned above that never got banners, link to the result post of that week and I'll take care of them. Yeah.

So, aside from any activity that'll be going on from banners or whatever, this community will be temporarily closed. I mean, getting only a couple of entries is one thing, but getting only a couple of entries and only a couple of votes is another. If I get enough interest to revive the community, perhaps I will revive it. But for now, well, yeah. Uh... recruit your friends? (More of a desperate plea than an actual suggestion.) A'ight, I'm out, and remember to comment if you would like a banner. Thanks!
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